The power of harmonic technology


Dr. Moya has been using HARMONIC technology since 2008 for most of his aesthetic procedures for improved surgical performance (less bleeding) and easier post-operative recovery (less bruising, less pain, faster return to normal activities).

He uses multiple devices, including blades and shears, from the HARMONIC portfolio depending on the procedure being performed. Whereas the more conventional and widely-used surgical instrument (Bovie) cuts and cauterizes (seals) tissues via electrical current, HARMONIC devices use ultrasonic vibrations to perform the same tasks. This means that instead of using heat to cut and seal tissues (which can then spread and damage the surrounding tissues not being removed from the body), there is only minimal energy (heat) transfer and thus very little damage to surrounding tissues.

For Dr. Moya’s facelift and neck lift patients, using a HARMONIC scalpel translates into less post-operative bruising, swelling, and pain, which means a quicker return to social activities. For his body contouring procedures (from tummy tucks to body lifts), using this technology means that, unlike traditional techniques where multiple drains are left in place for days to weeks, NO post-operative drains are necessary (since the body experiences far less tissue trauma resulting in decreased drainage), leading to a much more comfortable overall patient experience.

Several years ago, I had a traditional facelift that involved extensive bruising, healing, and downtime and also left me with a “tight” appearance. A few months ago, Dr. Moya performed a HARMONIC® facelift and the difference was remarkable!  Not only was there very little bruising and no pain, but I was out the next week to face the world. The results are very soft and natural and I am very pleased. Thank you Dr. Moya!

In addition, this advanced technology allows Dr. Moya to perform many procedures under local anesthesia (tissue-numbing) with mild sedation (medication to make one sleepy) which would, using conventional technology, usually be performed under general anesthesia (completely asleep), increasing total costs. Because HARMONIC instruments do not use electricity (which could stimulate nerves and cause muscles to twitch), patients are able to remain comfortable during procedures such as an “awake” in-office breast augmentation (with implants placed under the chest wall muscles) as well as an “awake” in-office exchange of breast implants, both performed in an ambulatory surgical suite.

Dr. Moya has had the privilege of being one of the first few plastic surgeons in the U.S. to successfully incorporate HARMONIC technology into his practice for the benefit of his patients. He has been a long-time medical consultant for Ethicon, Inc. (a Johnson & Johnson company), and on behalf of the company, he continues to share his extensive experience with its usage and advantages with his colleagues through lectures and live surgical courses.

The Power of Harmonic Technology

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