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Breast implant exchange, sometimes called breast implant revision, is a common procedure. There are many reasons a woman may consider exchanging them, (either for a larger or smaller size or for the more natural, softer feel of silicone gel) but have put off doing so because they assume that the associated cost, surgical approach, and/or recovery experience might be the same as the initial procedure. For these women, an “awake” in-office exchange of implants, made possible by the use of Harmonic® technology by Dr. Moya, is ideal.

Why consider breast implant exchange?

There are a number of reasons why a woman might wish to undergo exchange of breast implants including:

  • being uncomfortable with the less natural, firmer feel of saline-filled implants (most noticeable with any type of compression, including hugging or cuddling close to someone, or lying on one’s stomach)
  • the feeling or appearance of “rippling” along the outer edge of a saline-filled implant
  • deflation of a saline-filled implant
  • desire for larger or smaller implants
  • the effect of the aging process/gravity on breasts, resulting in implants that now appear to sit lower on the chest wall and have less fullness on top

How is breast implant exchange performed, and how does it differ from an initial breast augmentation?

Dr. Moya offers an “awake” in-office breast implant exchange option made possible by the use of a specific ultrasonic device (Harmonic Synergy® Hook Blade), which allows the procedure to be performed comfortably under local anesthesia with mild sedation.  Compared to an initial breast augmentation, there is very little tissue disruption (the “pocket” for each implant already exists), resulting in a shorter and much simpler procedure, which is reflected in the overall decreased cost.

What is the breast implant exchange recovery experience like?

The recovery process is far easier than the initial implant surgery.  Most patients will be able to return to their normal (non-strenuous) daily activities within a day or two, and many are able to use only over-the-counter pain medication as needed (versus prescription pain medications, which limit certain activities such as driving).

Do your current saline-filled breast implants feel unnatural? Or do you feel that your breast implants are too small or too large? Exchanging implants can be a very simple procedure with an “awake” in-office option offered by Dr. Moya. Click here to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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