Dr. Moya Presents Once Again at The 2023 Annual ASAPS Meeting

The Aesthetic Meeting 2023

Alexander P. Moya, MD , a renowned body contouring specialist, is regularly invited to share his expertise and techniques with colleagues at educational meetings and conferences, and presented once again at The Aesthetic Meeting on April 21st in Miami Beach, FL. He was honored to teach his course entitled “The Corset Body Lift: The Art of Waistline Contouring in a Massive Weight Loss Patient”, referring to his trademarked procedure, the Corset Body Lift®. This marks Dr. Moya’s 9th year teaching this course for The Aesthetic Society.

The Aesthetic Meeting is an annual educational meeting for the members of The Aesthetic Society, an exclusive professional society for plastic surgeons. Requirements to join The Aesthetic Society go beyond board certification (which is required), and include years of experience, proof of proficiency, continuing education, and the esteem and recommendation of their colleagues. As part of the focus on education, The Aesthetic Society and the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation invite the best and brightest to share their knowledge at The Aesthetic Meeting.

Seventeen years ago, in 2006, Dr. Moya created the Corset Body Lift® for patients who struggled with excess skin and skin laxity after weight loss. This procedure addresses these issues while creating a beautifully contoured and sculpted waistline. The results clearly speak for themselves, with Dr. Moya not only becoming an in-demand speaker and instructor, but also developing a large following on Instagram (@mdmoya.corsetbodylift). If you weren’t able to experience Dr. Moya’s presentation and are interested in learning more, please be sure to visit his resources page for insightful journal articles on the Corset Body Lift®.

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