Every woman, in her mind’s eye, has an image of who she feels she is, and this image may not always match the one she sees in the mirror. Dr. Moya’s approach to each patient is centered around this concept, and this is particularly important when discussing breast augmentation. There are a variety of reasons why a woman might choose to undergo breast implant surgery – underdeveloped/small breasts, breast asymmetry (one breast smaller than the other), breast deformity (lacking an ideal shape), or even breast “deflation” following pregnancy and/or weight loss – and it is very important not only to understand the motivation for wanting the surgery, but also to have a clear idea of the desired results. We strongly feel that this is best achieved by having each patient fully involved in the process, which includes “trying on” a variety of implants (utilizing a sports bra) and then combining this information with our experience and expertise to achieve a natural-looking result that is proportional to the rest of the body.

Dr Moya, I wanted to sincerely thank you for everything.  I have never felt confident enough to wear a tank top in public or cut my hair short [because of significant breast asymmetry] for as long as I can remember until now.  You and your staff made me feel comfortable and confident while dealing with an issue that previously rendered anxiety and embarrassment. Thanks again!

– Breast augmentation patient, Lewisburg, PA

A new breast augmentation option

Breast augmentation is commonly performed with the patient asleep in the operating room under general anesthesia, and Dr. Moya continues to offer this option. For those patients who might wish to avoid general anesthesia, however, advances in surgical technology (specifically, the Harmonic® scalpel) have allowed him, in recent years, to successfully perform an “awake” in-office breast augmentation utilizing local anesthesia with mild sedation. (This is also a more cost-efficient choice.) Because this ultrasonic tool causes less tissue trauma, discomfort both during and after the procedure is minimized, and post-operative recovery is smoother and faster. Both surgical options involve placement of either silicone gel or saline-filled implants under the chest wall muscles in order to provide better coverage (since this hides the upper edges of the implant) and improved overall long-term results. Total recovery time, with limited strenuous activity, is six weeks, but with return to casual activities and generally feeling back to normal in one to two weeks.

Breast augmentation can be combined with a breast lift

Some women who are considering breast augmentation may actually need a breast lift as well. Many of these women have had breast “deflation”, typically due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, but also simply due to the effects of gravity and the aging process. A breast implant can replace the lost volume, particularly the appealing fullness across the upper portion of the breast, as well as improve overall breast shape. But if the implant is placed as low on the chest wall as the deflated breast is currently situated, it will appear quite unnatural. Thus, a breast lift, which elevates the nipple to a more youthful (higher) position and also removes any sagging skin or breast tissue that has fallen below the breast fold, works well when performed in combination with an implant, restoring breasts to their natural position and appearance.

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Dr. Moya invited to present at The ASAPS Aesthetic Meeting 2022

Alexander P. Moya, MD has been invited to present at The Aesthetic Meeting 2022 in San Diego, CA. As a renowned body contouring specialist, Dr. Moya is regularly invited to share his expertise and techniques with colleagues at educational meetings and conferences. He will teach a course on his trademarked procedure, the Corset Body Lift®. The Aesthetic Meeting is an annual educational meeting for the members of The Aesthetic Society, an exclusive professional society for plastic surgeons. Requirements to join The Aesthetic Society go beyond board certification (which is required) and include years of experience, proof of proficiency, continuing education, and the esteem and recommendation of their colleagues. As part of the focus on education, The Aesthetic Society and the Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation invite the best and brightest to share their knowledge at The Aesthetic Meeting. In 2006, Dr. Moya created the Corset Body Lift® for patients who struggled with excess skin and skin laxity after weight loss. This procedure addresses these issues while creating a beautifully contoured and sculpted waistline. The results speak for themselves, and Dr. Moya has been an in-demand speaker and instructor since, and over the last several years has developed a large following on Instagram @mdmoya.corsetbodylift. His course at The Aesthetic Meeting 2022 is entitled “The Corset Body Lift®: The Art of Waistline Shaping in the Massive Weight Loss Patient” and will be presented on Friday April 22.

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