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Losing a significant amount of weight is a big achievement, one that can require a great deal of hard work and discipline. The dreams of finally reaching your goal weight seem to come closer and closer, and finally you get there! You thought that all you would feel would be tremendous relief and joy – but then you realize that you still have all of that excess skin, and that no matter what you do or how hard you continue to work, it’s just not going anywhere. Maybe your excess or loose skin came about as a result of pregnancy weight gain and loss or even just the normal aging process. Perhaps you have widespread stretch marks or significant abdominal scarring from previous surgical procedures. Any or all of these things, perhaps even in combination, can make you feel frustrated, self-conscious, and uncomfortable. You don’t have to try to find some way to just accept all of this – you can have the body you’ve imagined, and the Corset Body Lift® can help you achieve your dream of a slim, trim, and beautifully-contoured waistline.

What is the Corset Body Lift®?

The Corset Body Lift®* is an exciting body- and life-changing abdominal and waistline contouring procedure created by Dr. Moya, a board-certified plastic surgeon, in 2006. At that time, he was looking to help his major weight loss patients with an alternative approach to a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) or a lower body lift (circumferential belt lipectomy), the more commonly-performed procedures for these patients who were seeking to improve their abdominal profile. Dr. Moya realized that these procedures, while good for reshaping the lower abdomen, did not address the upper abdomen and lower chest, and that this could negatively impact overall waistline contour and leave many women with a shapeless figure. In addition, those patients who were still too heavy or had too many skin rolls were often not good candidates for either of these procedures. The Corset Body Lift®, in contrast, not only targets and reshapes your upper and lower abdomen, but also your lower chest and upper and lower back, enhancing your entire waistline. Regardless of your overall body size or amount of excess skin, this procedure can be tailored to you and your goals.

“Not only did this one surgery address my entire abdominal area from top to bottom, but it also provided me with a beautiful hourglass shape with a lovely, well-defined waistline. The first time I looked in the mirror, it felt like Christmas 100 times over. At almost 50 years old, I have more attention from men than I had when I was 20! Dr. Moya and his corset body lift have changed my life.” – from a patient review, Medical News Today

Corset Body Lift® Self Evaluation

Benefits of the Corset Body Lift®

For all patients:

  • provides the greatest full-length waistline improvement by removing as much loose or excess abdominal (and lower chest) skin as possible in a single procedure, creating an hourglass figure for woman and a tapered torso for men
  • provides a significant improvement in overall abdominal appearance by removing severe stretch marks and/or scarring from previous surgery (both above and below the belly button) if either of these are combined with loose or excess skincorset body lift before and after lewisburg

    Procedure: Limited Corset Body Lift®

    Timeline: 3 months after surgery

  • provides a strong foundation upon which a carefully-formulated plan for additional contouring procedures (including arm, breast, and/or thigh lifts) can be built, should this be desired

For weight loss patients, personal daily benefits, including:

  • finally fully appreciating your new body, the one you have only dreamed of and for which you have worked so hard
  • being able to choose your clothing based on what you like, not on what you need to wear to disguise your excess skin
  • being more comfortable in your daily activities, able to move and bend with greater ease and not having to manage hygiene issues due to skin folds
  • the ability to engage in more activities and exercises as a result of feeling lighter and more confident, making it easier to maintain your transformation

Clearly, all of these have the potential to greatly enhance your self-esteem, allowing you to feel free to be you, in both your personal and professional relationships.

Is the Corset Body Lift® right for me?

You may be a good candidate for the Corset Body Lift® if:

  • you have loose or excess skin below your breasts, above and below your belly button, and along your sides, either due to significant weight loss (through weight loss surgery and/or diet and exercise) or multiple/large pregnancies
  • you have abdominal scars or severe abdominal stretch marks above your belly button along with loose or excess skin

Because this procedure takes into account your overall body frame as well as your degree of loose or excess skin, it can be tailored to your individual needs and goals. Unlike other contouring procedures, the Corset Body Lift® does not necessarily limit your eligibility based on calculated criteria (e.g. BMI, or Body Mass Index).

How is the Corset Body Lift® performed?

The Corset Body Lift® is performed under general anesthesia, and usually takes 4 to 6 hours to complete, although it may take longer for those with more extensive skin rolls or larger body frames. In order to remove the most loose or excess skin possible for the greatest waistline transformation, Dr. Moya will make several carefully-placed incisions – one beneath the chest, one down the center of the abdomen, and one across the lower abdomen – which will interconnect and give the appearance of an uppercase “I”.

Dr. Moya performs this procedure exclusively with HARMONIC® ultrasonic devices, innovative surgical technology which significantly minimize bleeding and tissue damage, which means that you will have NO surgical drains, making your recovery easier and far more comfortable.

Recovery after the Corset Body Lift®

Depending on the extent or duration of your surgery, you may either be able to go home after surgery or it may be recommended that you stay in the hospital overnight for better comfort and care – Dr. Moya will be better able to advise which of these might be best for you at the time of your consult. While you will be able to get up and move around right after your surgery (and are encouraged to do so to), you will need some assistance initially, and need to be sure that you do not strain yourself. You will experience some swelling around the surgical areas, and will need to wear a compression garment for at least three weeks. Since Dr. Moya uses internal sutures and seals over these with skin glue, you will not have to worry about any specific incisional care, and no surgical drains means that your recovery will be much more simplified and comfortable. You should plan on taking at least 2-3 weeks off work, and will need to delay any strenuous activity (including heavy lifting or exercise) for six weeks. Following your surgery, Dr. Moya will be sure to provide you with detailed and personalized instructions on how to best handle your recovery process.
before and after Corset Body Lift, 4 up

Procedure: Standard Corset Body Lift®

Timeline: 6 days after surgery with NO surgical drains

Corset Body Lift® results

For over a decade, the Corset Body Lift® has provided Dr. Moya’s patients with a slimmer, more contoured body. For his weight loss patients, their sleeker body now better reflects their weight loss and highlights their tremendous accomplishment while also allowing them to have the lifestyle they worked so hard to achieve. Likewise, his patients who were self-conscious by their loose skin with extensive stretch marks or scarring may once again be able to feel free to be themselves, no longer inhibited by their abdominal appearance. “My patients taught me early on in my practice that a normal body shape with a completely flat abdomen and full-length contoured waistline, regardless of lengthy and potentially visible scars, is what makes them happy.” Said one of Dr. Moya’s patients, a 43-year-old woman who, after undergoing bariatric surgery, lost 110 pounds (as well as an additional eleven pounds of excess skin removed by the Corset Body Lift®): “It’s not about the outside, it’s about what it does on the inside. My boost in self-esteem outweighs any external scar.”

*aka Corset Trunkplasty

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