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The Corset Body Lift® is a life-changing body contouring procedure created by Alexander P. Moya, M.D., designed specifically to help those who have been left with loose waistline skin after significant weight loss.

Dr. Moya created the Corset Body Lift in 2006, driven by the realization that traditional skin removal procedures resulted in what he felt were less-than-ideal results for his weight loss patients; his desire to provide each one of them with the best possible shape further fueled his efforts. Since then, his experience and expertise in body contouring after weight loss have continued to grow, as has his recognition not only by his colleagues but also by his patients near and far.

Dr. Moya is intensely focused on listening to and understanding his patients’ goals, believing that each one requires a uniquely individualized treatment approach so that the result not only looks good but feels right. If you are ready to uncover those beautiful curves and love your body, Dr. Moya will be excited to help you feel free to be you!

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Actual Corset Body Lift patient

The physical struggle of being at a regular weight and feeling ugly for the first time was a very hard emotion. The skin removal not only eliminated mental pain, but severe physical pain as well. The freedom to wear form-fitting clothes is a great feeling!”

before and after Corset Body Lift, front view
before and after Corset Body Lift, side view
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“Over the past several years, my patients have taught me that even though they may end up with the lengthy and potentially visible scars, a normal body shape with a completely flat abdomen and full-length waistline is what makes them happy.”
-Alexander P. Moya, M.D.

Dr. Moya developed The Corset Body Lift® in 2006 to better address the needs of his patients…
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