Corset Body Lift® Now a Registered Trademark

Moya Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is proud to announce the successful trademarking of The Corset Body Lift® in March 2017. Dr. Moya had created the Corset Body Lift, an abdominal and waistline contouring procedure for his weight loss patients, more than 10 years ago. At that time, after having been in practice for several years, he realized that the abdominal contouring techniques he had been trained in (specifically, tummy tucks and lower body lifts) did not seem to provide the most ideal results for his weight loss patients, since they focused mostly on the lower abdominal area. The Corset Body Lift, however, not only targets and reshapes the lower abdomen, but also the upper abdomen, the lower chest, and the upper and lower back, enhancing the entire waistline and figure, regardless of the patient’s overall size or amount of excess skin. He states “I have spent many hours not only performing the procedure (hundreds of times) but improving upon it and customizing it for each patient.”

The results of the Corset Body Lift were quickly noticed by many, including other weight loss specialists (bariatric and fellow plastic surgeons). By invitation, he has presented this procedure at many prestigious professional society meetings, both national and international, including the ASPS and ASAPS. As a consultant for Ethicon, Inc. (part of the Johnson & Johnson family), he has instructed other surgeons across the U.S. on this procedure as well. The Corset Body Lift® has also been featured several times on a local ABC television station, as well as in numerous medical magazines and professional journals (Smart Beauty Guide, Plastic Surgery Practice, Cosmetic Surgery Times, and more).  He states “I felt that trademarking the Corset Body Lift® would create even more awareness, and even potentially protect patients, since they could be more confident that they were choosing the right procedure, one that would provide them with the results  they deserve.”

For more information on the Corset Body Lift, including before and after photos and video testimonials, please visit the Moya Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery website.

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